Monday, October 1, 2007

The Food Stamp Challenge - Day 4

It's late at night, so I'm going to recap on all that happened today. I woke up with some crazy hunger pains so I decided to make some rice because it fills me up pretty quick and chopped up some carrots and the rest of my broccoli, and sauted it in a butter sauce. I ate that and ran out the door to work at a car wash at Sonic. At the car wash I was fine. Not too hungry, definitely not full. One of my frat brothers decided to take a break and asked me to come with. Forgetting we're working at a fast food restaurant, I followed and as she began ordering I suddenly became oh so hungry again. But I stood my ground and kept the project in mind, as a juicy chicken sandwich passed by my face, I was keeping the project in mind, as cheesy mozzerella sticks were sending their delicious aromas my way, I proudly kept my ELC 381 project in mind! After that horrible torture, I was ready to leave the car wash. I went home, took a nap and then met up with my parents. They decided that wanted to go out to eat before we went to go see my best friend in the Black and Gold Pageant. So they went to Ham's and since they paid for my food, I didn't consider it cheating. If I would have sat there watching them eat, I might have passed out from agony.

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