Monday, October 1, 2007

Food Stamp Challenge - Day 3

Last night I made the rest of my spaghettio-s and had some celery with peanut butter on the side. As a study snack, I had peanuts, and then I decided I no longer wanted just water to drink. I decided to go out and buy a 2 kool aid packets for a quarter and grabbed some complimentary sugar packets from UNCG's cafeteria. This morning, my pitcher of kool aid was quite refreshing. Before class I took two pieces of bread and some butter and placed it in the refrigerator, I decided to put the cheese I borrowed or was given, to use. When I come back I will make some grilled cheese in the frying pan, because I don't have any foil to put the bread on in the oven.
As I try and put myself in someone elses shoes, crazy emotions erupt inside of me...I wake up in the morning hungry, my stomach devours the food I put in it too quickly and so I'm hungry during the day, and then when I go to sleep, I can't afford to eat anymore, so I go to bed hungry. It's depressing, and I feel a change should be made.

2 more days!!!!

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