Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Aftermath

During the presentation for the project I came to the realization that I was the only one who took this project to the next level. My peers didn't think to be healthy, or struggle with the choices between nutrition and pleasure. I feel as though I gained the most from this project. I now know what it's like to make ends meet, and if I ever am faced with this situation I will be well prepared. I loved this project, and I plan to make a difference for those that are going through this right now. I've read a plethora of articles that state how devastating it is that people who are on welfare are living this way in SC, why is it that nothing has been done yet? Why is it that government officials have participated in this challenge, and have yet to make changes?
Well, I can't answer those questions, but what I know I can do is make a change. Protest, youtube, blogging, whatever gets my point across. I'm on a mission!